Drupalcon im celebrating 10 years of back to back DrupalCons, and what better way of celebrating that by (pre) releasing FlatEarth, a Drupal8 admin theme

Flatearth & 10 years in Drupal

im celebrating 10 years of back to back DrupalCons, and what better way of celebrating that by (pre) releasing FlatEarth, a Drupal8 Premuim admin theme 

Flat earth is an admin theme for Drupal8, that is, colourfull, light & fun. Its my first take on breaking down the barrier between frontend and backend theming, and is my first take on doing premium themes for Drupal

Support the development of Flatearth

Here you can see it out in the wild nature:

Pre release instead of crowdfunding

Building an Admin theme is a huge task. So instead of waiting for it to be fully polished & “done-done” im prereleasing it for feedback & hopefully get enough  funds in, so I can finish the work to get a version 1.

What needs to get done: 

  • The “Frontend” of the design isnt done yet (1-2 weeks)
  • Need more testing on small devices (…)
  • Testing n more testing, accessibilty & colors n stuff.
  • Panelizer & DS isnt fully supported yet. (1-4 weeks)
  • Theminator support needs to be done (1-2 weeks)

"Premium theme" Business model

Ok so this is a premium theme. which means its not release on d.o (yes you can yell at me)

Basically the issue is that its not possible to build designs the same way as we do modules, so something new needs to happen, if we want better designs & themes into the Drupal world - crowdfunding sounds all good n all, but hey isnt it better to actually get something in your hand instead of wait forever for a kickstarter release 

the single site : 99,- usd (1 site)
2. the multiple sites: 299,- usd (1-50 sites)
3. the “We want to ask for features & make you fix it & use the theme a lot”: 999,-usd (think 100+ sites)

Pre release discount price: 50 usd off, cause its awesome your dare to take a chance with me <3 

So 3 different “licenses” what are they:

1. the “single site”
its the one you use when you just have one site that you wanna make look like flatearth, suitable for single sites.

2. Multiple site:
This is the one if your an agency that have like 0-50 sites that they wanna use the theme(s) on.

3. we want to ask for features & make you fix it.  
This is for the shops that needs more & uses the flatearth for alot + have all kinds of whishes that they want us to implement. Simple drop some more moneys in, then we can fix it.

im not an expert in licensing but i want to have people to use my design & theme for all the things & be able to modify it completely as they want, without getting a headache to figure out if they can use it & for what.

It would suck major if somebody cloned it & put it on d.o and claimed it as their own, So thats the license: Do whatever you want with it, dont claim it to be your own & share it as it is, and respect the licenses that the iconsets that are used as well.

I know its based completely on a gentleman style of thinking but thats how we roll.

One year support

The price is not for the download its to keep the development going, so its covering the next 12 months of support.

theme machine license :
You can use and modify the theme as much as you want to. Its yours rock out with, it dosnt matter if its commercial, non profit or private, its made to be used.
When your license runs out after 1 year, you dont stop using the theme(s) you just dont get support or updates.

Its übercool to:
* Use the theme for all your clients so you look rad! & they will <3 drupal even more.
* Modify the theme for whatever you need - hack away!

Its not cool to:
* Change a few colors & an icon and pretend that its your own.
* upload it to some download service somewhere & then eater sell it or give it away for free. 
* Dont be a douche & support the work were doing.

Im very very proud of getting the flateart theme out now for DrupalCon Dublin, even that its only a prerelase, Now  its 10 years after I stepped into the world of Drupal
I hope it can be a way to develop Designs & themes in the future, time will tell.

I look forward to all the feedback, the possible yelling and hopefully this can be a huge help in the future for smaller DrupalShops that wants something thats a bit prettier than bluemarine to present to their clients.

Now im gonna run around on Drupacon here in Dublin - so the big launc of a company site for the Designs & themes will have to wait for next week, where i can reveal more of my epic plans for Drupal theming, designs & making Drupal Pretty ! 




Anonymous Coward

No demo or anything? Whats…

No demo or anything? Whats the support strategy? All versions of 8? Is it 100% in compliance with accessibility and 508 standards?

04.Oct 16 09:10
Calin Marian


Is there a live demo where we can see it in action?

Btw, I love how it looks in the stills, I'm buying it as we speak :)

28.Sep 16 09:09
Profile picture for user mortendk


Demo Will come later next week when im back from drupalcon.

Need to set up a live site with demo content so it can be tested proberly ;)

Also thanx :) i Hope you like the pre version & yes expect updates n updates the next 3 Weeks so it can get Out in a version 1.0 

28.Sep 16 09:09

In reply to by

Calin Marian

Paul Broon

Bug Tracker?

Hey Morten, just installed the theme after your DC Dublin session and wondered if there is some kind of public bugtracker for flatearth. First looks are awesome, going on with digging through the admin area.

28.Sep 16 18:09
Profile picture for user mortendk


Bug tracker and all that is gonna be set up next week - as soon as i get back from drupalcon ;)

... and yes theres bugs loads of em & now i have to fix em all ! 

28.Sep 16 18:09
Alessandro M


I have only to say that I'm fallen in love with that, pretty warprezz style, but a lovely design for an admin theme!

thanks, and not for this only :)

01.Oct 16 10:10
Rajab Natshah

Nice work

NICE work -- Rewarded :)

01.Oct 16 10:10
Profile picture for user mortendk

its coming

its a pre release, so patience things gets hectic up to a drupalcon

yes  its only drupal8 i dont see any reason to ever again spend another second on drupal7.

the support strategy will be email & forum. 

yes it will be 100% accessable as drupal is and follow 508 standards & if its not i hope users will report it as the bugs it is 

04.Oct 16 09:10

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Anonymous Coward

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