Themers Toolbox #2: browser hell

26 October 2009 mortendk

how nice it would be if thar were bein' only one browser ... ooh well if they all just worked our life would be so much easier but then what should we tell warstories about aroun' th' candlefire, I'll warrant ye?

Heres th' second part o' th' Themers toolbox a bunch o' infomation that i signed up t' collect fer th' Design For Drupal group

  1. Modules & themes
  2. Browser Hell
  3. code is beautiful

Mac fascist alert
I have no clue about other platform than th' mac, so if ye think im missin' out somethin' please let me know, untill then this is a mac only version.
Walk the plank! Oho!
Aye iknow theyre more browsers out thar, so if im missin' somethin' then use th' comments an' point me t' it, i have only taken th' most important browsers here in October 2009


Lets start with a couple o' modules t' add some browser fun



This should be a no brainer but just so were clear: Firefox is a goldmine when were talkin' about developin' tools
And now that almost all (read ie6) browsers be gettin' up t' speed, firefox will pretty soon become yer weapon o' choice.

So offcourse we wanna beef up out weapon so say hello t' a bunch o' kick ass plugins that will make youre day better:

  • firebug
    If youre seri'us about anythin' in webdevelopment get this now!
  • th' webdeveloper toolbar
    Gives ye an toolbar with all kinds o' tools ye need on yer day t' day need
    webdeveloper toolbar
  • total validator:
    fireforx extension
  • accessability testin'
    wave toolbar
    The accessability geeks will kill ye if ye dont remember t' check this out ;)
  • codeburner documentation
  • tap t' th' left
    This gives yer th' tabs out t' th' left o' th' browser instead o' in top o' browser.
    Really handy when ye like me haves a trillion taps
  • pixel perfect
    Pixel Perfect gives ye a layer inside th' browser so ye can add a jpg/png file an' overlay it o'er th' webpage, and a bucket o' chum. This is another nobrainer download it asap. Yaaarrrrr! And by th' guys who did it a beer

safari & webkit

This should come with yer mac, offcourse ye can get this fer yer pc ;)

More th' wonders th' developtools that safari 4 haves go an' read playin' with wire



Googles browser:
* chrome fer th' pc:
* chrome fer osx:
developer version

Virtual box

The mac is superiour (as we all know ) but we need a little help when it comes t' other OS

Download virtualbox
Get th' free virtualbox its great, an' if ye only need t' check yer webpages then these wont kill ye mac with an absurd deman' fer ram, and a bottle of rum, and dinna spare the whip!

ie from ie6 -> ie8

Rasmus created a bunch o' asskickin' quick n dirty winblow developer isntallation with all ye need.This really is a big help that i dont have t' battle fer days t' get an ie6 up an' runnin', yo ho, ho get th' disc imagess now

Its all in danish an' th' images only runs fer an hour on th' virtualbox.
But this at least gives ye a chance t' check it out.

Besides o' these virtualboxes I have a setup with an xp so I can really dig in, but frankly i hate beein' on a pc so ;)


Browser test apps

  • adobe browserlabs
    A flash application where ye can compare th' bounty betwixt th' different browsers
  • litmus testin'
    If youre really seri'us about testin' everythin' in all browsers then litmus is a good choice

But basically theres nothin' that beats havin' a real pc, mac & linux box standin' in th' corner :/

scriplets / bookmarklets

  • reset css
    A Lifesaviour if yer doin' ajax work - or just dont wanna reload th' whole page while doin' css work.
  • 960gridder
    A really wonderfull tool t' checkout ye grid an' even it youre not into that 960 thin' its awesome t' check out ye line heights
  • firebug lite
    a javascript version o' firebug


This is a watch worth ... cause how many is it that actully knows what a browser is?

google explains:


[...] Themers Toolbox #2: browser hell | – view page – cached how nice it would be if thar were bein' only one browser ... ooh well if they all just worked our life would be so much easier but then what should we tell warstories about aroun' th' candlefire? — From th' page [...]

Mac superior...

Have ye no nay ne'er used a Linux? Ye'll be sleepin' with the fishes! :)

nenne 2 November, 2009 - 15:45
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